Product Review: Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hr Gel Cream Eyeshadow | Swatches!

Hello everyone!
I recently purchased a few of Mabelline’s Colour Tattoo 24Hr Gel Cream Eyeshadow’s and thought to do a review on it, if anyone was wondering what the product is like before investing in it.

I started with the colours “Tough as Taupe”, “Bold Gold”, and my personal favourite so far “Barely Branded.”

The packaging of the product resembles that of high-end brands with a thick glass container and sleek black plastic lid. However, this doesn’t make it very compact at all and I found with even just three, they took up a lot of space in my make-up bag.

But you know what they say, never judge a book by it’s cover!
Let’s talk about what’s inside.

I found that the gel was very creamy and so it was hard to blend the first few times because of how thick it is. I prefer to use it on the base of my eyelids rather than the outer lid and do not recommend these if you want a dark smokey-eye because of the blending issue.

There isn’t much pigment with only one application so I prefer to apply multiple layers until I get the colour how I want (refer to the swatch of “Barely Branded” to see the difference in colour with a few layers). Most of the colours in the colour tattoo collection are shimmery, both Barely Branded and Bold Gold are shimmery, but Tough on Taupe goes on matte. I prefer the shimmers over the matte because of how they look on the lid (again, the matte is difficult to blend).

What’s all the talk about?! DOES IT REALLY LAST 24HRS?
Yes. It really does.
The creamy consistency makes sure it sticks on the lid for hours and I didn’t even get any creasing! I love it for this reason.

All in all, I like this creamy shadow for long days when I know I can’t touch up my make-up or for a little extra shimmer!
It’s a very affordable drug-store product and it gets the job done. It even works as a good base if you apply powder eye-shadow over top to keep it lasting longer. If you’re just starting out with eye-shadows I really think these are fool-proof and a great alternative to expensive brands if you’re on a budget.
I would purchase again.

Stay tuned for a makeup look using these coming soon!

What do you think? Have you tried these before? How did you like them?
Let me know!

Stay classy! xx Sylv

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