Most COMMON Makeup Mistakes to Avoid! DO’S & DONT’S!

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Hey guys!
I’ve made so many horrendous mistakes with makeup that I can look back on now and laugh.
(If you want to see first hand some of those mistakes watch my video where I recreate my highschool makeup routine: here)

I realize now, that without making some of these mistakes, I wouldn’t have gotten better. When first starting out in makeup, it’s hard to know even the most basic techniques without someone guiding you along the way.

That being said, in my latest video, I go through some of the “do’s” and “dont’s” in a basic makeup routine. These are tips I wish someone told me when I first started playing with makeup. However, not everything in this video is concrete. There are no rules to makeup – it can very well be considered a form of art and expression. These are simply basic techniques that everyone can generally agree on.

Along with making a video, I’ve created a chart with my very own makeup “dos” and “donts” for an even easier understanding.

MOST Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid! DO’S & DONT’S! CHART

PREP –       DO prep by washing hands

–       DO moisturize

–       DO prime face


–       Clean hands will keep your skin healthier and germ free, moisturizing will help the foundation go on smoother and priming will keep it lasting longer


–       DON’T forget prep and not wash hands

–       DON’T not use moisturizer or primer


–       makeup wont last and wont sit nicely on your skin throughout the day (cling to dry patches, crease in fine lines, get splotchy)










































–       DO match colour to chest

–       DO apply small amounts, blending outward, add more to areas you need more coverage

–       DO use beauty tool

–       DO set with light powder


–       Your chest is the most accurate colour representation of your skin. Will look most normal

–       Small amounts then adding more as needed will give you the most natural and flattering foundation

–       Using a beauty tool will give you the most flawless blend and natural finish

–       Setting with light powder will set your makeup without giving more coverage and control your oils and keep your foundation in place


–       DON’T match colour to arms or neck

–       DON’T apply too much especially on perimeter of face

–       DON’T use hands

–       DON’T set with foundation powder


–       neck is often lighter than body bc its shaded from the sun & arms are darker

–       adding too much will make u cakey + create creasing. Also harder to blend naturally into neck + hairline creating foundation mask

–       using hands will give you a streakier application, harder to blend into skin

–       setting with a foundation powder will add too much coverage and give you an insanely heavy “cakey” look that wont be flattering



–       DO use a colour corrector if you have really dark circles


–       DO use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation


–       DO apply in an upsidedown triangle


–       Using a colour corrector will help to conceal the dark circles without using as many layers of concealer

–       Helps to highlight and brighten the undereye to make you look more awake


–       DON’T use a concealer more than 2 shades lighter than your foundation

–       DON’T apple only where your bags are


–       that light of a concealer would only highlight your bags more, not correct them

–       would only make your undereye socket look deeper and more sunken in than it is

BROWS –       DO use a light hand and only fill sparse areas + define natural shape of your brows

–       DO BRUSH OUT


–       this will give you the most natural and flattering brow

– DON’T use a heavy hand and fill entire brow, brows

– DON’T overdraw and try to recreate a new brow shape


–       This will give you “block” brow, its a very strong harsh looking brow


EYE PREP –       DO use a primer

–       DO set your primer with a light powder


–       this will conceal all veins and discolouration on your lid and keep eyeshadows more vivid and creaseless on the lid

–       setting before applying shadows will ensure a smoother application ontop of the primer

–       DON’T not prep your eyes


–       because it will make the eyeshadow patchy and crease


SHADOW –       DO use a warm toned matte crease colour


–       this will be the most flattering crease shade to base any eye look off of


–       DON’T apply shadow on bare lids or moisturized eyes

–       DON’T use a shimmery light shadow for the crease


–       this will make your eyeshadow go on uneavenly and patchy, also not as long lasting will most likely crease within a couple hours

–       using a light shimmery shade in the crease will attract light in a naturally shaded area of the eye giving a very unnatural and unflattering eye look

EYELINER –       DO apply liner to flatter your specific eye shape *see previous video* –       DON’T apply liner around entire eye top and bottom


–       the liner will give you “raccoon eyes” a commonly undesired look


MASCARA –       DO tilt head while applying to avoid transferring onto lid

–       DO use waterproof on bottom lashline to avoid smudging into concealer

–       DO keep eyes looking straight until lashes dry

–       DON’T apply too many layers to avoid clumping and ‘Spider leg lashes”

–       DON’T   look up during or after applying mascara to avoid transferring


BRONZER –       DO use a taupe matte bronzer in hallows of cheeks, perimeter of forehead (everywhere the sun hits)


–       DON’T use a orange, warm toned bronzer


BLUSH –       DO apply a flattering shade with a light hand, building colour slowly on the apples of the cheek blending upwards –       DON’T use a heavy hand with a harsh colour

–       DON’T apply below apples of cheeks

LIPS –       DO apply liner with small strokes


–       DON’T overline too far out from the natural lip line

–       DON’T apply liner in one harsh line

For an in-depth tutorial explaining these “dos” and “donts” watch my latest video:

DO side
– Sanitizer
– Estee Lauder Moisturizer
– Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer
– Hourglass Foundation
– Beauty Blender
– Setting Powder
– Undereye Corrector
– Concealer Tarte Shape Tape
– Brows Loreal Stylist Definer
– Eyeshadow Primer
– EYESHADOW PALETTE Urban Decay Ultimate Basics
– Tarteist Liquid Liner
– Too Faced Mascara Orginal
– Too faced Mascara WATERPROOF
– Mac Taupe Bronzer
– Milani Blush
– Mac Rebellious Lipliner
– Rebel Lipstick MAC

DONT side: *ALL are amazing products if applied properly*
– Mac Prolongwear Concealer NC35
– Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation NC30
– Concealer Too Faced Born this way
– ABH dip brow
– MAC “Nylon” Eyeshadow
– Mascara Loreal Feline
– Bronzer Mac
– Blush MAC “lets be friends”


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