My Eyeliner Routine! | Quick Tutorial

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Hello gorgeous people!! (I had to re-post this because of technical difficulties on the last post)
So I’m trying to make videos now along with my blog posts and possibly creating a youtube channel! Just trying to get used to it first and figure out how to do it. But let me know what you think about me doing that 🙂

Besides that,

This is a post on how I do my cat eye which I do DAILY. I feel incomplete without it.
I used Stila’s waterproof black eyeliner pen which honestly does most of the work for you because of the long pointed tip.
I start at the corner of the inner eyelid and create a thin line as close to my lash line as possible. I prefer a thin cat-eye because of how small my eyes are! Then I begin to create the tail by started at the point where I want the cat eye to finish. From there I meet the tail up to the middle of my lashline and fill in! Then I use my highlighter pen to clean up the tail and make it more defined. That’s all. Ta-da!

Stay Classy! xx Sylv

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